Archambeault Announces Cast for "Act - Four"

Fullerton College Hornet  - Staff Writer - Friday, February 10th, 1961
WAIT --Mr. Archambeault, drama instructor, pleads with his casts of "Act Four" to remain for another rehearsal. The presentation of "Act Four" will be given on Feb. 23-25 and March 2-4.

"Act Four," a group of four one-act plays, will be presented by the Fullerton Junior College Drama Department Feb. 23-25 and March 2-4.

Members of the cast for "The Dancers," by Horton Foote are a Waitress, Pat Mershon; Inez Stanley; Louise Newmark; Elizabeth Crews, Mlke Newland; Emil Crews, Lelia Peck; Herman Stanley, Peter O'Rourke; Horace, Art Koustik; Mary Catherine Davis, Artella Navarrette; Velma, Nancy Warren; Tom Davis, Charles Fisher; and Mrs. Davis, Cecilia Roberts.

For "The Tiny Closet," by William Ingle members of the cast will include Mr. Edgardo Esc o bar ; Mrs. Crosby, Rosemary Burns; and Mrs. Hergesheimer, Pat Mershon.

"The Lady of Larkspur Lotion," by Tennessee Williams, will have a cast including Mrs. Hardwicke Moore, Nancy McFadden; Mrs. Wire, Vivian Hoban; and The Writer, Vincent Donofrio.

"The Apollo of Bellac", by Jean Giraudoux wi 11 include Agnes, Gwen Schroeder; Therese, Rosemary Burns; Clerk, Bill Hay; Man, Henry Hcffman; Vice President, David Smyers; Mr. Cracheton, Dick Odle; Mr. Lepodura, Keith Pomery; Mr. Rasemute, Jerry Grey; Mr. Schultz, Edgardo Escobar; President, Charles Fisher; Chevredent, Nancy McFadden, and Chairman of the Board, Art Koustik.

Mr. Archambeault stated that the plays are to be presented as a stage adaptation of the TV technique, including unit set arrangements employing the barest necessities to depict each scene.

Dick Odle, Commissioner of Publicity for ASB, is directing his first college production, "The Tiny Closet." He has also designed sets for the other three plays.

"Act Four" is an insertion in the spring program due to the tremendous interest and enrollment in the Drama Department," stated Mr. Archambeault.

Tickets go on sale early next week. Because of limited seating facilities, ticket purchases should be made as soon as possible. Prices are 50 cents for students and children, and $1 for adults.