Full House Sees 'Act Four' Premier

Fullerton College Hornet  - Staff Writer - Friday, February 24th, 1961

"Act Four" a group of four one act plays, presented by the Fullerton Junior College drama department is being shown for the second time tonight in the little theatre on Harvard Avenue.

It will be shown tomorrow night and on March 2, 3, 4. Each performance Will start at 8 p.m. and refreshments will be served during the intermission of each performance.

Mr. George Archanbeault stated that the plays are to be presented as a stage adaptation on the television technique, including unit set arrangements employing the barest necessities to depict each scene.

Tickets can be purchased from any member of the drama club or from the pink and white hat box that is occupying the patio. Tickets can also be purchasedĀ· in room 613-02 in the applied art building.Tickets can be bought for one performance only, since a limited number of seats are available.

Tickets are 50 cents for students $1 for adults. Tickets should be bought as early as possible.

Reservations can be made butĀ· tickets will be held only until the day of the performance.

"Act Four" represents four different types of drama. "No matter what type of drama you may like you are sure to enjoy 'Act Four' ,"states Dick Odle Associate Student Body Commissioner of publicity.

The lead roles in "The Dancers" by Horton Foote are Horace, played by Art Koustik, and Mary Catherine Davis, played by Artella Navarrette. The two discover they have much in common after Horace is stood up by the town's young beauty, Emily Crews, played by Lelia Peck.

"The Tiny Closet," by William Inge is about Mr. Newbold, played by Mr. Edgardo Escobar, who tries to keep a secret from his nosy landlady, Mrs Crosby, played by Rosemary Burns. When he fails, he decides to take drastic action.

"The Lady of Larkspur Lotion" by Tennesse Williams concerns two people that live "primarily on illusions and dreams." The main characters are Mrs. Hardwicke Moore, played by Nancy McFadden, and a writer, played by Vincent Donofrio.

Jean Giradoux's play "Apollo of Bellac" is a comedy about Agnes, played by Gwen Schroeder, a shy girl who learns what the best career for a woman is.