FC's 'Company' a hit

Fullerton College Hornet  - James K. Tamura - Friday, March 18th, 1988

Company, the first Fullerton College Theatre play, of the semester, opened on the Fullerton College mainstage last Thursday, March 11.

Directed by Tom Blank and starring Mark McCandless, Company will run at the Campus Theatre through this Sunday, March 20.

A Tony Award winning musical comedy by Stephen Soundheim, Company deals with the complex issues of love and marriage as they relate to the main character, Robert (McCandless).

The, play begins in .Robert's apartment:'room where a party is being, held. All of Robert's friends are married, and he is the only bachelor. By observing his friends, Robert asks himself if marriage is 'really worth the trouble?

In the first act, Amy, played by Bernadette Mendoza, changes her mind to marry Paul, played by Ken Lockwood. The Wedding' scene' is set with bridesmaids, singing angels, and an elaborate dance.

Other characters, of the cast include April, Marta and Kathy, Robert's lovers played by Kym Berry, Lisa Don Vito and Mika Christy, who, put, in a breath-taking dance act. Jose Lavarreda and. Barbara Neyhas plays Larry. and Joanne, one of Robert's long time and good friends.

Also, 24 dancers and singers perform as New Yorkers in various settings. Seven of these thespians are from Cypress: College. _The .dancers' include Linda Mellano, Monique Naffaa, Lisa Evans, Carmen Torson, Manny Garcia, Jim Garcia and Christopher Bruno.

Don West Mercer and Christine McDonald play Peter, and Susan, also good friends of Robert who finds that living with your 'ex is better than being married. John Massey, Jr. and Patti Cumby plays the karate-kicking couple-of Harry and Sara. Jenny and David, are played by Beth Hornung and Royce Reynolds.

Music for Company is not, done by an orchestra, but rather by a synthesizer and a computer.

Company, will run at the campus theater until March 20. Tickets are sold at the campus box office Monday through Friday, from.'11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. or by calling (714) 871-8101: Ticket prices are $5 with an A.S. card and $6 without..