Look Back Opens Run

Fullerton College Hornet  - Nancy Neil - Thursday, April 23rd, 1970

"Look Back In Anger," John Osborne's famous criticism of contemporary British society, is the last play to be presented by the theatre arts department this year. May 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 are the dates scheduled for the 8 p.m. performances in the Studio Theatre of the Theatre Arts building.

Admission to the play will cost $1.50 for adults, 75 cents for students and 50 cents for students with student discount cards. Student discount cards entitle the student to one free ticket with purchase of a ticket. Phone ticket orders for a performance not picked up by 7:45 will be placed on sale. Vacant seats at the 8 p.m. curtain time will be sold.

The Studio Theatre can hold only 120 people per performance. The play will be set in a horseshoe fashion with the audience seated on three sides of the stage.

"Look Back in Anger" revolves around Jimmy Porter and his disenchantment with the statis quo in Eng- .land in the 1950's. In the one set play all . i.!iiii the action takes place in Porter's apartment.

John Osborne, a British playwright and the play's author, has been labeled as one of the early "angry young men" in the theatre. He was the first playwright to inject new life into English .theatre. He sparked.the change in ideas ' and the development in plot that was : " taking place at that time.