Water Pump Poses Crisis For 'The Miracle Worker'

Fullerton College Hornet  - Staff Writer - Friday, April 14th, 1967
LUCKY FIND-Carol Markowski (seated) and Gloria Bartholomew try out the 67-year-old water pump that serves as an important prop in the upcoming production of "The Miracle Worker."

Days of pondering and searching had proven futile and the Drama Department slowly found itself facing a serious crisis.

Technical Director, Todd Glenn, and his crew were unable to locate an extremely significant and essential prop for the upcoming production of "The Miracle Worker" - a water pump which had to pump water on stage.

"Then I decided to look under "P" in the yellow pages," boasted Glenn. This move led the young drama instructor to a "pump store" in Santa Ana where he located and purchased, all in tact and in its original wrappings a water pump, standing forty-six inches from base to handle and fulfilling the order to a tee.

The pump, which will expel water on stage, was made in Beatrice, Nebraska around 1900, when it probably would have sold for approximately $12, according to Glenn. Now more than half a century later and covered with cobwebs, the cost to the department was $26.

"The Miracle Worker," featuring Carol Markowski as Helen Keller and Gloria Bartholomew as Anne, will be presented on May 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, and 20 under the direction of George D. Archambeault, Theatre Arts Department head.