Set Created By Drama Instructor

Fullerton College Hornet  - Staff Writer - Friday, February 26th, 1971

A movable tree and fish-netlike material are among the innovative tools that are being used in the set construction for the proposed FJC drama production of "Dark of the Moon."

Drama instructor Todd Glen is designing the set, and using these elements to convey the mystical mood of the mountain people in "Dark of the Moon."

Platforms Used

Mr. Glen described the set as most likely "selective realism", utilizing platforms in random assortment of levels to provide the mountains. It is upon these which the supernatural part of the play takes place. Although there are four or five different locals, the mountains remain stationary, separated from the other sets by only a fish net-like material upon which various props can be hung. Mr. Glen explained that the net provides a sufficient separation between scenes, while still allowing the audience to view the overpowering mountains in the background. It is, as he put it, "a suggestion of a wall."

"The problem," he explained, "is creating a mood mystical enough to depict the mountain people." Refering to the construction of rocks, mountains and trees which exist in the play, Mr. Glen said, "it is difficult to design nature," this is why numerous sketches of just one tree have been made so that selective realism can take place.

Tree in Construction

So far, the multiple platforms have been completed, and the frames for the tree and rocks are in progress.

Mr. Glen is not sure that the use of the net and other innovations will be effective, but has made numerous drawings and experimented with different materials including colored Styrofoam.