'After the Rain' begins Thursday

Fullerton College Hornet  - Brad Barnard - Sunday, May 9th, 1971

FJC's second main drama production of the semester 'After the Rain,' will debut at 8 p.m., on Thursday, May 13 in the Studio Theatre.

English novelist, John Bowen, wrote the play originally as a novel, later adapting it to a play.

Scheduled for a consecutive nine day run, the play is directed by George Archambeault.

The Great RainA story about two hundred years after the great rain, the one that deluged the world as we knew it, students learn how their ancestors survived on a raft. Nine men and women present a new society.

Based on a theory that time never changes, the set has acquired a look of the stone, or an ancient, age. Through the use of a method called 'theatre in the Round', the set is given the most advantageous use.

An individual touch has been contributed to the authenticity of the setting in even the reproduction of old bible's.

The cast is composed of previous actors in the play 'Dark of the Moon.' Containing numerable past experiences in the Theatre, audience response of the play is optimistic.

I Can't Sew!

Technical director of the play is Todd V. Glen. George Stoughton, costume director, feels there is no excuse for anyone being excused from the experience of making their own costume because of the mere excuse of "I can't sew." He taught himself how to sew.

Some of the principle characters of the play are the Lecturer, played by Wayne Bearss, Arthur Henderson portrayed by James Goodwin and Alan Armitage, interpreted by Lance Dank.

Cast Named

Also outstanding of the cast are Sonya Banks, enacted by Arlene Cashen, Gertrude Forbes Cooper, by Polly Norby. Continuing to the list are Joe Fletcher, as Captain Hunter, Patty Richard as Murial Otterdale, while Michael Silliman plays the part of Harold Banner. Also is Jim Borens as Wesley Otterdale.

Admission to the performance has been set at $1.50 for Adults, $1. for students, an FJC Student Discount Card or Faculty and Staff complimentary ticket. For further information or ticket reservations, call 871-8000 ext. 77.