Visiting student stars in 'Shrew'

Fullerton College Hornet  - Linda Kaye Sims - Friday, October 31st, 1975

Becca Godinez, a native Filipino, wants to be treated like any othet FC student. Godinez will have ier'

chance to take part in FC activities when she plays the lead role in FC's upcoming "Taming of the Shrew".

Rebecca, nicknamed Becca by her brother, came to the United States in January, 1975 to live with her aunt and uncle in Placentia. The American Embassy has granted her a 4 year study permit.

Drama Experience

She plans to study at FC for 2 years and then continue at a university for an additional 2 years.

"I realized while performing in Manila that I had no depth."

"I want to become a good actress and to do this I need a good background in, the theatre." She continued, "My aunt and uncle offered their home and suggested FC, and here I am."

Different Culture

"Our cultures are somewhat different, but not as contrasting as most Americans seem to think," she explained. "Many people ask me if I speak English, or if my country has very many English speaking people."

"People don't realize that the Republic of the Philippines is the third largest 'English speaking country in the world. The questions don't offend me, but you'd think people would know."

"Our countries are different in that students in Manila do not choose their class or what hour they prefer. We are given a 'course at a specific time and we attend."

First Major Role

Her first major role as an actress in the U.S. was "Anita" in FC's "West Side Story." "My parents came from Manila on closing night and that was super thrilling."

"I've done musicals and when "Taming of the Shrew" auditions started, I wanted a small part." She explained that there is no such thing as a small actor or a small part, but she wanted a role with few lines because she' had never acted in a Shakespearean play.

"I guess I was lucky again. They told me I was the female lead." She says, "I firmly believe that with a positive attitude you can achieve anything. -It -is very important to use your experiences to help you in the future."

Godinez plays one of two daughters of a wealthy man who forbids one of them to get married before her wicked sister does. Godinez, playing the spiteful maiden, is tamed by a fortune hunter and follows his every command,

"I play the role as I wish every girl would. Petruchio thinks he has tamed me, but I just pretend to be submissive. This means I actually have him under my power by pretending he has a hold on me."

Home Atmosphere -

Her continuous smile, with her sparkling brown eyes and easygoing character, insures Becca Godinez a lifetime of friends from both countries.

When asked if she misses her homeland she replied, "Not as much as I used to. I write .many letters and my aunt and uncle generate the home atmosphere. I'm very happy with this learning experience."