Picture of Todd Glen

Todd Glen

Professor Emeritus Theatre Arts and Art Department 1964-2002


  • Chair, Theatre Arts Department, Fullerton College, 1965-1986

  • Theatre and Art Instructor, Fullerton College

  • Chairperson, Strategic Planning Subcommittee, Fullerton College

  • M.F.A., Yale University School of Theatre

  • Technical Director and Lighting Designer, Starlight and Shubert Theatres

  • B.A., Technical Production, Design, and Lighting, Middlebury College

When Todd Glen came to Fullerton College in the mid-’60s, he was working in a theater consultant company with his alma mater, Yale University, was earning a handsome living, and had no ambition to teach. But he was intrigued by the fact that the small school was in the process of building a new theater facility. He was part of a wave of new young faculty members to come to FC at that time and who helped transform the theater department into the juggernaut it later became. This included Glen and Krinke’s launching of the High School Theater Festival, now the largest event of its kind west of the Mississippi River. Glen also co-developed the Summer Musical Theater, Standing Room Only, and Company of Young Artists programs at FC.

Glen created and taught numerous Fullerton College courses and designed for the Fullerton Civic Light Opera Company, the Goldenwest Theater Complex, and the La Habra Depot Theatre. He had a career total of more than 125 college and semi-professional stage productions.

Many of the Theatre Arts Department students he had during the 1960s have since gone on to acclaim and fame in their fields. He later realized he actually taught practical skills as time management, commitment to a team or group project, and creating and adhering to a financial budget.

In 1986, Glen launched Fullerton College’s Computer Graphics program moving to the Art Department. He developed and executed block scheduling of a campus-shared computer laboratory that allowed full-time use of college resources, and the introduction of many new computer graphics courses. Glen made Fullerton College one of the leaders in the then-burgeoning field of computer graphics.

I think it was instilled by Dr. Sheller that there was a camaraderie – that we were doing something beneficial and helping students. All of us were committed to the concept of education rather than committed to ‘I need to earn a paycheck.’

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