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The Theatre Arts Mission Statement:

The Theatre Arts Department prepares students to be successful learners, theatre artists, and professionals through multiple degree and certificate pathways. We promote an inclusive and interconnected community through professional quality theatrical productions as well as culturally responsive and engaging course work that celebrates diverse voices and global perspectives.

"Compleat Female Stage Beauty"

costume design by professor Mela Hoyt-Heydon

Our formula for success

University Transfer and Professional Placement Success

Our alumni have transferred to top-tier art schools and work in the entertainment industry. Their careers provide our current students examples of how to make a living in the arts and permission to dream.

Talented Faculty who are leaders in the Entertainment Industry

Our teachers are practicing professional artists with direct knowledge of industry standards and practices and great professional contacts.

Current State of the Art Technology and Industry Practices

Our facilities and classrooms are equipped with the latest technologies, software, and industry practices.

Diverse programs and opportunities

We strive for a consistent commitment to excellence in theatre education that reflects our multi-cultural student population, and our performance program offers a wide variety of practical experience opportunities for actors, directors, writers, and technical theatre students.

High School Theatre Festival
Opening Ceremonies

Our recurring series

City Tours

Fullerton College Broadway Bound offers student the opportunity to travel to NYC and experience Broadway theatre at its finest. Led by a Fullerton...

Classic Dramatic

Each year the Theatre Arts Department presents a work of classical or contemporary significance with a desire to support the theatre educational...

Comedy Improv

The highly popular Improvisation for Theatre, Film, and Television class host a comedy improv night each semester.

Contemporary Piece

Our contemporary series cover stories and settings that address modern issues such as open sexuality or events such as recent political conflicts....

High School Theatre Festival

Each March in conjunction with our Spring term musical, we produce the most successful high school theatre festival in the Western United States....

Spring Musical

Directly tied to our outstanding musical theatre program each spring the Theatre Arts Department produces a major musical theatre production in the...

THEA 147 F - Stage Makeup
students preparing for a production

Areas of Study

Acting, Performance and Musical Theatre

Each season of plays provides a wide variety of roles and production post experiences for Theatre students. High production values, current state of the art technologies, and a wide spectrum of very challenging styles and subject matter make the performance venues excellent laboratories for student exploration and growth.

Directing and Playwriting

Few community colleges offer students opportunities to study directing and playwrighting in their first two years of undergraduate study. Students follow the classwork they successfully complete with opportunities to compete for assignments in the Playwrights Festival and the Directors Festival.

General Education

For both the non-major and the major alike, the Theatre Arts general education courses meet university transfer requirements and allow the student to build a strong foundation of introductory knowledge to the many facets of theatre-making and theatre-study.

Production and Design

Fullerton College offers an extensive array of courses in theatre production and design, professional training certificates, and access to the latest technologies and practices used in the entertainment industry.

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